Blue Mound Press was founded January 1, 2000, in Milford, Nebraska. It is a privately owned company that publishes and sells books authored by Jerry Penry. The company was located in Denton, Nebraska, from 2014-2017 and is currently located in the capital city of Lincoln. The books focus on history with three main themes - railroads, surveying, and World War II.

Blue Mound Press is named after a hill, located south of Milford, that overlooks the valley of the Big Blue River. Before the arrival of white settlement, several Native American tribes used this hill for a gathering place as it provided a full view of the surrounding countryside. The town of Milford was founded in 1864. The hill, or mound, above the Blue River became a burial place in the 1870's after the Native Americans moved away.

The location soon became known as the "Blue Mound Cemetery". In the late 1800's, Civil War veterans came to the Soldier's & Sailor's Home at Milford to live out the rest of their lives. Many of these veterans were buried at this cemetery. The rows of their white marble headstones resemble a military cemetery. Blue Mound Cemetery continued to be the final resting location for soldiers of subsequent wars until the Soldier's & Sailor's Home at Milford closed at the beginning of WWII. Blue Mound Press seeks to honor veterans.

Website devoted to his research of WWII aircraft training accidents:

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