"McGillicuddy Peak" as viewed from the northwest (looking southeast). It is located 300' south of the Lookout Tower. September 2016.

Located 300 feet south of the Lookout Tower on Harney Peak is another spire that appears to be equally as high as the rock surrounding the peak where tower is located. The top of this formation measures roughly 25' x 27' with the highest point in the southwest corner. This separate rock formation has unofficially been named "McGillicuddy Peak" to differentiate it from the peak where the tower resides. The name is for Valentine McGillicuddy who was a topographer on the 1875 Newton-Jenney Expedition. He was the first recorded man to climb this peak on July 24, 1875. From McGillicuddy's perspective, he felt this peak was the highest in the area instead of the one where the Lookout Towers were later placed. Our survey on September 16, 2016, determined that the highest point on McGillicuddy Peak is 1.91' lower than the highest natural remaining rock on the north side of the Lookout Tower. It is hard to know how much of the surface of McGillicuddy Peak has been lowered by natural erosion or by purposeful rock tumbling by climbers. We do know that the Lookout Tower peak has been lowered by blasting in 1910 when the first tower was built. The summit of McGillicuddy Peak can only be reached by experienced climbers with climbing gear.

The westerly face of "McGillicuddy Peak".

The north face of "McGillicuddy Peak" as viewed from the Lookout Tower.

Comparisons of McGillicuddy Peak from 1875 and 2016. - Paul Horsted images.

Surface rock (within the green lines) from the top of McGillicuddy Peak which has been removed since 1875. - Image by Paul Horsted.


Vertical angle method used to determine the elevation for the highest point on McGillicuddy Peak.
The elevations are assumed and based upon the triangulation station being 100.00 and prior to final adjustment.

Relationship of the Drill Hole, the Lookout Tower, and McGillicuddy's Peak.

Profile of the terrain between the Lookout Tower and McGillicuddy Peak based upon field photo.

The approximate top surface of McGillicuddy Peak and the location of the highest point on that peak.

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