Nebraska GLO Monument
SECTION 20 - T12N - R8E
A. Philo Drake
November 15, 1857

Jerry Penry
January 14, 2004

This stone was found to have been notched on just two sides - the north and east. Drake stated the monument was a Sandstone measuring 14"x9"x6". This type of stone is native to northeastern Lancaster County, Nebraska, in veins close to the ground making it ideal for the surveyors to quarry and use. Upon excavation the stone was found to have been broken into three pieces since and iron pin had been driven into it. Baling wire and duct tape helped piece the stone back together before reinserting it into the hole. Field measurements found the stone to measure 15"x13"x4".

Excavating the 1857 stone. Cleaning part of the stone at right.

Three notches were visible on the north face and four notches on the east face.

Another use for duct tape and baling wire.

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