Nebraska GLO Monument
SECTION 11 - T11N - R5E
John B. Gridley
September 2, 1857

Jerry Penry
July 30, 2009

This original GLO monument was marked with the chiseled "¼" indicating it to be a quarter corner. The notes by GLO contract surveyor John B. Gridley stated that the monument was a Granite 12"x9"x8". The monument found was Pink Quartzite 12"x12"x6". In 1989 only the top was excavated and an aluminum cap was placed on the top. The top of the stone was lowered to a depth of 2.5'.

The top of the original GLO stone with the 1989 aluminum cap is 0.5' below the gravel road surface.

Excavating shows the side of the stone.

The area where the stone was found.

The stone with the 1857 markings.

Always a thrill to see something made by another surveyor more than 150 years ago!

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