Nebraska GLO Monument
Witness to E ¼ CORNER
SECTION 12 - T10N - R8E
Charles A. Manners
August 30, 1855

Jerry Penry
April 9, 2010

This original GLO monument was established as a witness corner to the quarter corner which fell in the creek area. The limestone originally measured 14"x12"x6" and was marked as a witness corner. It was placed 150 links (99.00') on line and north of where the actual quarter corner landed in the creek. Upon discovery of this stone, it was found to have been broken off. The bottom portion of 5" was still intact and the width and thickness matched the priginal dimensions. The creek still resides in the same location today, 155 years later.

Aerial image (2007) showing the location of the monumented witness corner (J25Gwit) and the location of the actual quarter corner in the creek.

Looking south from the Witness Corner to the location where the Quarter Corner falls in the creek.

The bottom portion of the witness stone with a plumb bob for size comparison

The witness stone set in 1855 during the first year of surveying in Nebraska Territory.

Obtaining a GPS position on the stone before it was lowered.

The final monument consisting of a capped iron pipe over the top of the original limestone.

The original government notes describing the placement of the Witness Corner.
This is the actual handwriting of U. S. Deputy Surveyor Charles A. Manners.

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