Nebraska GLO Monument
SECTION 14 - T10N - R5E
Richard Taylor & Thomas O'Neal
August 22, 1857

Jerry Penry
November 21, 2005

This original GLO monument was marked with the chiseled "¼" indicating it to be a quarter corner. The notes by GLO contract surveyors Richard Taylor and Thomas O'Neal state that the monument was a Limestone 15"x12"x9". The monument found was Pink Quartzite 14"x9"x6". Taylor and O'Neal had contracts to survey eight townships in Lancaster County, Nebraska, and nearly all of the descriptions for the monuments are in error. They describe all of their monuments to be limestones, but stones with the original markings have been found of many different types of stones and at sizes that differ greatly from their notes. Either the members of the crew who placed the stones did not know that they were supposed to keep track of the type and size, or these notes were lost and were later fictitiously made up to satisfy the GLO requirements. The work by Taylor & O'Neal is an example of how the monument found with the markings will hold even though it does not match what was stated in the notes.

The top of the original GLO stone is visible in a mass of plum brush.

Barely visible, the original 1857 chiseled "¼" proves that this is the right stone even though it did not match the size or type of stone described in the notes.
A concrete memorial was placed beside the stone in 1937 by Deputy State Surveyor Hugh Dillon.

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