Nebraska GLO Monument
SECTION 1 - T10N - R5E
Jonathan P. Jones
July 17, 1857

Jerry Penry
July 24, 2003

This stone is believed to be the original GLO monument established by Jonathan P. Jones. No markings could be found on the stone, but a thorough research of the records indicated that no other monument had ever replaced the original stone at this location. Beneath the stone was found a large horseshoe of the type used for work horses. Could this have been from one of the horses on the survey crew in 1857? In 1937 Nebraska Deputy State Surveyor Hugh Dillon found the stone and declared it to be the original. At that time he placed a concrete memorial next to the stone which was imprinted with his initials and the year.

The 1857 stone with a Hugh Dillon memorial and a large horseshoe found underneath the stone.

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