Nebraska GLO Monument
SECTION 25 - T7N - R5E
Jonathan P. Jones
June 20, 1857

Jerry Penry
October 7, 2008

This excavated original GLO monument was marked with the chiseled ¼ indicating it to be a quarter corner. Jonathan P. Jones surveyed the township lines in Lancaster County, Nebraska, and noted this stone as being a Sandstone measuring 18"x12"x8". Field measurements taken on the date of excavation placed the size at 18"x15"x11" and the type of stone to be a gray-colored Granite.

Surveyors from Lancaster County Engineering excavate the original GLO stone.

The chiseled "¼" on the stone is at lower left.

Close-up of the chiseled "¼" marked by a surveyor on June 20, 1857.

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