Nebraska GLO Monument
Jonathan P. Jones
June 17, 1857

Jerry Penry
October 20, 2008

An excellent example of an original township corner marked on all four sides with hash marks, letters, and numerals. This monument represents the corner common to Townships 6 & 7 North, and Ranges 5 & 6 East. Jonathan P. Jones stated in his notes that he set a Sandstone 18"x10"x8". Field measurements on the day of excavation found it to be 19"x9"x8". The location is on the Gage/Lancaster County line one-half mile west and one mile south of Hallam, Nebraska. Also found was a red brick marked "HD35" which was placed by Deputy State Surveyor Hugh Dillon as a memorial.

The 1857 township corner stone after being excavated and cleaned. On top of the stone is the red brick. View is looking north.

The North Face of the stone.

The West Face of the stone.

The South Face of the stone.

The East Face of the stone.

The red brick memorial placed by Hugh Dillon in 1935.

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