Recovered by:
Boni Edwards, Craig Boldman, Chad Dixon, Stanley Blackmore & Jerry Penry
July 15, 2016
(Photos by Boni Edwards & Jerry Penry)

4153'03.8"N - 10018'17.8"W

This monument was found well east of a nearby north-south fence, but in line with a distant fence going south. The monument was tied out in two directions with reference nails and excavated. The pipe measured 36" in length from bottom of flange to top of cap. The bronze cap was 2.5" in diameter. The memorial, according to the notes, was supposed to be a cement base measuring 8'x8"x6". No cement was found after a thorough search, but a tin can was at the bottom of the hole next to the pipe. There was concrete residue in the can, so perhaps this was the can used to mix the cement at other locations. The can was 4" diameter and 5" tall. In resetting the monument, the can was placed open end down at the exact location where the pipe was referenced. Then the pipe was reset over the top of the can, backfilled and checked to be in the correct location.

The search begins for the monument.

Monument as it was first discovered.

The top of the 1915 GLO cap.

The excavation begins. Chads shaves the soil in search of the SE pit.

Excavating the monument.

Tin can for the memorial at the bottom of the pipe.

The can that was found full of sand, but intact.

Side view of the can memorial.

Bottom side of the can memorial.

Jerry with the 101-year-old can used for the memorial.

Searching for concrete, but none was found.

Stanley, Craig, Boni and Chad.

Resetting the monument in correct location after excavation.

The can was placed at the corner position so it would be directly below the pipe.

Replacing the monument over the can at the exact location and backfilling the hole.

© Jerry Penry 2016