Recovered by:
Gene Thomsen, Denny Whitfield & Jim Arens.
July 15, 2016
(Photos by Denny Whitfield & Gene Thomsen)

Found a standard GLO brass cap and iron pipe on the north slope of a hill under cedar trees. Tied out the corner and removed the pipe where we found a chunk of concrete about the size of a softball. Replaced the pipe and concrete in their original position and shaved for the pits. Found all four pits which were approximately 18 inches square. We drove a 5/8 rebar in center of each pit.
NW 6.51 feet to 5/8 rebar in center of pit.
NE 5.90 feet to 5/8 rebar in center of pit.
SW 5.63 feet to 5/8 rebar in center of pit.
SE 6.17 feet to 5/8 rebar in center of pit.

Jim locates the monument under a thick canopy of trees.

Gene exposes one of the pits.

One pit is fully exposed.

Exposed pit showing excavation down one side.

Another view of the exposed pit.

Excavating the monument in search of the concrete memorial.

The rust outline of the GLO pipe.

Denny posing with the removed pipe.

The concrete memorial on one of the pits.

Side view of an exposed pit.

The GLO pipe, concrete memorial and an exposed pit.

Three of the four pits fully exposed.

The GLO pipe back in its original position after excavation.

© Jerry Penry 2016