Hawaii Triangulation Station - Gilbert

United States Engineers


Jerry Penry
November 25, 2012

This station is along the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii, and was photographed while on a train ride aboard the Oahu Railway & Land Company tourist railroad. Unfortunately, I did not go back to examine it or get a picture of the actual marker. The monument inside the structure is approximately 38 feet southwest of the railroad tracks. Station "Gilbert" was established in 1927 by the U. S. Engineers and is described as being a rectangular 3"x4" bronze plate set inside a 4" pipe. The structure of lava rock cemented together is known as a "Type 14A" structure built by the Hawaii Territory Survey in 1929. The red/white signal pole target with iron blades that once came up the center of the structure is no longer existing. This point is said to have been used as a bench mark during the precise level net on Oahu in 1927.

The 1963 recovery report stated the structure had settled and that the target was slightly out of plumb. Two reference marks were established by USC&GS in 1963. These reference marks were not searched for since I did not actually go to the site.

The side of the structure facing the railroad tracks.

A somewhat blurry view of the southeastern side of the structure as taken while on the moving train.

View taken from behind the locomotive while on the OR&L Company tourist train.

The locomotive that pulled the tourist train up the west coast of Oahu.

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