Hawaii Triangulation Station - Kahe

Hawaii Territory Survey


Jerry Penry
November 25, 2012

This station is along the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii, south of the town of Nanakuli and is on the southern tip of the Waianae Mountain range. Highway 93 is along the west side and a power plant is directly north of the hill in which the monument resides. This site was originally marked with a concrete post and cairn of stones, but was replaced in 1927 with a standard disk in a 6-inch tile. A "Type A" signal structure was built by the Hawaii Territory Survey in 1929. This monument was photographed from a distance while on the Oahu Railway & Land Company tourist train. I did not actually climb up to the monument for close photos or to inspect the actual monument or two reference marks. South of the monument is a WWII concrete lookout bunker.

The north and west sides of the monument as photographed with a zoom lens.
The "Type A" structure consists of three walls of native lava stone cemented together with a concrete slab on top.
The signal pole with the red/white vanes is centered over the monument that is inside the floor of the structure.

The southwest side of the monument. The concrete WWII bunker can be seen slightly below.
Over the hill is one of the smokestacks for the power company plant.

View taken from the west side of Highway 93 looking southeast from the railroad tracks.

The signal mast can be seen in front of the smokestack in the distance behind it while looking in a northerly direction.

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