Hawaii Triangulation Station - Punchbowl Reset



Jerry Penry
November 27, 2012

The location for "Punchbowl Reset" is along the west rim of the highest point of the crater for the Punchbowl National Cemetery. An earlier mark existed at this location that was established in 1928-29, but was apparently removed during WWII with the construction of a concrete lookout bunker at the same location. In 1942, the present mark was established by the U. S. Engineers under supervision of the Hawaii Territory Survey. The station is marked with a bronze Hawaii Territory Survey disk.   A "Type B" structure was said to have been built at this location and then later replaced with a "Type A" structure as reported in the recovery report of 1970. The walls of the structure are modern concrete blocks. On top of the walls is a 6-foot square concrete pad for the roof with the hole in the center for the signal pole with the red/white vanes. The backside of the structure houses electronics for an antenna that is affixed to the corner of the structure. The door to the backside has fallen off. Reference Mark No. 1 was found. Due to the large amount of tall cactus, the other two reference marks were not searched for.

The WWII concrete lookout bunker still exists and can be easily viewed on the inside and outside. The easiest way to reach the monument is to go to the location below the rim where the cemetery bathrooms are located. A trail had been previously cut through the brush that leads to the crater rim and to the monument. One curious item scattered about on the slope of the rim are numerous shells from large snails that have died. Some of these shells are close to 4 inches in length.

The top of the red signal next to the communication antenna is barely visible above the brush.
The building is the restrooms at the west side of the Punchbowl National Cemetery below the ridge where the survey marker is located.

View of the marker location from the ridge while looking north. The green vegetation is cactus.

Backside of the structure that is used for communication equipment for the antenna. (Door is off).

The open front of the structure showing the bottom of the signal pole in the steel yoke over the marker.

The monument in the floor of the structure.

The Hawaii Territory Survey bronze disk that marks the exact point.

Jenny on the roof of the structure with Honolulu in the background. Looking west.

The signal pole atop the structure.

Closer view of the blades on the signal pole.

Reference Mark No. 1 established by USC&GS.

Closer view of the Reference Mark No. 1 disk.

Decided not to look for reference marks in this cactus.

A nice view of Honolulu from the survey marker location.

Large snail shells found on the ridge that measure up to 4" in length.

WWII concrete observation bunker.

WWII concrete observation bunker.

The inside of the WWII concrete observation bunker.

Corner of the WWII bunker showing the steel flip down doors.

The view from the top corner of a bunker. This would have been what the soliders would have seen of the coast.

The memorial at the Punchbowl National Cemetery. Located north of the survey marker.

Rows of graves in the cemetery. Looking west toward the ridge where the survey marker is located.

A grave from one of the unknown sailors who were removed from the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Most are still entombed with the ship.

A relative who died in the Pacific Theater believed to be involved in the battle to take Iwo Jima.

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