NE Corner of Nebraska
(Nebraska - South Dakota)

When the northern Nebraska border was first surveyed in 1874 along Latitude 43 North, the eastern end was at the intersection of the Keya Paha River. In 1893 the northern border was surveyed to the intersection of the Missouri River since land had been gained from South Dakota. Joseph H. Jenkins established the corner monument on October 2, 1893. The stone is on the westerly high bluff of the Missouri River. The actual boundary between Nebraska and South Dakota extends east to the center of the Missouri River.

The monument near the northeast corner of Nebraska.

The west face reads: "WC - 57 M - 72.70 C".
This stands for "Witness Corner", 57 miles and 72.70 chains east of the Keya Paha River.

This sign is located along the west shore of the Missouri River where Latitude 43 North extends east to the river.

Government Land Office Plat of T35N, R10W.

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