NW Corner of Nebraska
(Nebraska - South Dakota - Wyoming)

The northwest corner of Nebraska was established on September 6, 1869, by Oliver N. Chaffee. Chaffee surveyed the western boundary of Nebraska that was common to Wyoming and placed the monument at the approximate intersection of Longitude 27 West (from Washington D.C.) with Latitude 43 North. In 1874 Chauncey Wiltse surveyed the northern boundary of Nebraska which is common to South Dakota. Joseph Jenkins resurveyed the northern line of Nebraska in 1893 and placed his own quartzite monument beside Chaffee's 1869 limestone. A brass disk was later placed in the top of the Chaffee stone which marks the true northwest corner of Nebraska.

The limestone set by Chaffee in 1869 (lower) with the quartzite stone set by Jenkins in 1893.
(Photo courtesy of Rollin Curd)

Government Land Office Plat of T35N, R57W.

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