(Articles by Jerry Penry)

The Line Between Sandstone and Quartzite

Unintentional Double Monumentation

Lewis & Clark's Tower Butte

Monuments of Sand

Death of a Deputy Surveyor

Mapping the Missouri

First Guide Meridian East

Testimony or Trickery

Court Ordered Corners

State Surveys of the Great Depression

The Making of a Better Monument
The Harrison Marker Company

Rocky Mountain High

NGS Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Denver's USGS Mapping Center

Message in a Bottle

Woodward's Ice Bar

$250 Fine or Imprisonment for Disturbing This Mark

End of the Line
Monumenting the Northern Terminus of the 6th Principal Meridian

Monument Memorials

Henry Gannett
The Father of Government Map Making

Illegal Fences of the Great Plains

The Receding Railroads

Survey or No Survey: The Unlicensed Land Surveyor

The Deadwood Datum

Invar - The Breakthrough for a Low Expansion Alloy

The Verendrye Plate

Tracer Triangulation

The Missouri River Commission Survey

The American Theodolite

Sacred Mountain
Climbing to the Summit of Inyan Kara Mountain

The Early Vertical Datums of the U. S. Geological Survey

The McShane Corner

The Pole of Inaccessibility

When Bench Marks and Section Corners Collide

Meades Ranch Triangulation Station

Talbert Abrams - The Father of Aerial Photography

Comparing Two Brickkilns

The Gold Tree

Short Cut Method

True Elevation of Black Elk Peak

Cast Iron Monument of the 6th P.M.

Survey Valley

Discovery on Grizzly Peak

Confusion on the Half Breed Tract

McKissick's Island

West from Washington

Stay Off School Property

Wind Cave National Monument

U. S. Location Monuments

Eimbeck's Duplex Bars

Shoot the Moon

USS Surveyor - Geodetic Ship of Alaska

Early Black Hills Triangulation


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