Cherry County Post Office

What appears on early Nebraska maps is a town by the name of "Survey" in southwestern Cherry County. The location was actually a series of single houses designated as a post office where people living in rural areas could pick up or deliver their mail. A rancher would agree to have a room in his house set aside as the post office. In early Nebraska there were hundreds of these single house post offices. Survey had its own postal cancellation that was affixed to outgoing mail. The Survey Post Office was first established at the Jones Ranch on January 19, 1909. It then moved four times, but always stayed in the same general area. After leaving the Jones ranch house it then went to the King, Barker, and Grouns ranches. The Grouns house location moved about 3/4 of a mile to the northwest during its final years as a post office. Early settlers remember the postmaster by the name of "Greasy Grouns" due to his infrequent bathing. The Survey post office ended on June 30, 1934.

The name for the post office originates from "Survey Valley" which extended in an east-west direction. In the late 1800's the Burlington Railroad was exploring a route to extend their line from O'Neill to Alliance and the surveyors chose this valley for the alignment. The railroad was never built, but the name stayed. In 1946 USC&GS established a triangulation station in the area appropriately named "SURVEY".

View of "Survey Valley Road" in 1996.

The abandoned "Survey School" which was a one-room country school.
Photo taken 1996.

The "Survey" post office shown on an early Cherry County atlas.

The one-lane road that stretches between Highway 61 and 27 is known and marked as "Survey Valley Road".

The original application for the Survey Post Office.

The back of a postcard canceled at the Survey Post Office.

The different locations of the Survey Post Office in T28N, R39W. The triangulation station named "Survey" is in Section 32.

Showing what appears to be the town of "Survey".

Phillips 66 - 1942

Champlin - 1947

Conoco - 1936

DX - 1940

Mobilgas - 1934

Right Way - 1930's

Texaco - 1940

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