Nebraska Surveying - USC&GS Triangulation Station - Long Pine

USC&GS Triangulation Station


Jerry Penry
May 16, 2010

Triangulation station "Long Pine" is located in eastern Brown County, Nebraska, just south of the small town of Long Pine on the same hill with the municipal water tower. The survey marker is located just to the northeast of the water tower. Long Pine was once a thriving community because it was a division point on the C&NW Railroad which, however, ceased operations there in 1992.

Triangulation station "Long Pine" in the foreground looking southwest toward the water tower.

Triangulation station "Long Pine".

Looking south over the marker toward the town of Long Pine.

Close-up of triangulation station "Long Pine".

The location of Reference Marker No. 1.

Close-up view of Reference Marker No. 1.

The location of Reference Mark No. 2.

Close-up of Reference Mark No. 2.

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