Nebraska's Fatal Air 
Crashes of WWII

This book details the 60 WWII fatal air crash sites in Nebraska that claimed the lives of 243 airmen. Aviation author, Jerry Penry of Milford, Nebraska, spent years compiling this detailed information. Each site was researched from the military accident reports, archived newspaper articles, interviews with eyewitnesses, and visits to each crash site. The author traveled thousands of miles to investigate each crash site and to interview nearly 300 people to compile this information. Many eyewitnesses to these crash sites have passed away since being interviewed, making this research invaluable. Their first-hand stories were recorded to add a personal element to this book.

This 8.5"x11" book is hardbound with 320 pages. There are 132 photos, 57 maps, and 14 other diagrams or illustrations. This work is complete with individual maps showing the exact location of each crash, Nebraska's army airfields, and the practice bombing and gunnery ranges as they existed during WWII. The book includes an appendix listing the names and hometowns of all 243 airmen who were killed, statistical information about the crashes, reference sources, and an index.

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