Black Hills Forest Reserve

Boundary Post   1


Jerry Penry
May 27, 2013

Boundary Post No. 1 for the Black Hills National Forest Reserve was established in 1899 by the U. S. Geological Survey and is located at the township corner common to T5-6S, R5-6E of the Black Hills Meridian. The original notes state that the iron post was set 4 links (2.64') north of the township corner which technically makes it a witness corner to the true township corner. The rock pile is mounded up around the forest reserve post. The monument is located within Wind Cave National Park and is approximately 1 mile northeast of Wind Cave and the visitor's center. Recovered by Kurt Luebke, Jenny Stukel Penry and Jerry Penry.

Approaching Boundary Post No. 1 from the south.

Boundary Post No. 1.

Top surface of the cap. The number "1" is barely legible at bottom right.

GPS position of the monument with a handheld receiver.

Rocks mounded around the pipe. The original township corner is likely in there.

The year 1899 stamped on the cap.

Close-up of the date the monument was established.

The word "Reserve" stamped on the west edge of the cap.

Kurt Luebke and Jerry Penry.

The monument on the slope of the hill.

A local prairie dog poses long enough for a photo.

Bison graze on a nearby hill.

The cover from the original field book carried by William H. Thorn when the survey was begun.

The page from the original field book showing the beginning of the survey and the 4 link distance from the township corner.

The location of the monument (red circle) in relationship to nearby Wind Cave.


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