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Jerry Penry
October 18, 1997

The Butte magnetic station is buried under the sod to the south of the Boyd County courthouse. It is believed that this marker was placed in 1915 since the description first appeared in USC&GS Special Publication No. 36 for the year 1915. The bronze disk was apparently used as a triangulation station in 1940 and two reference marks were established as well as an azimuth mark. The magnetic station disk was stamped for the year 1940 by the triangulation crew even though it was established in 1915. The flat surface of the bronze disk is similar to the early disks. The later disks had a rounded top.

The Butte magnetic station in the foreground with the Boyd County courthouse in the background.
Looking north toward the west side of the building.

The Butte magnetic station which is buried in the ground south of the Body County courthouse in Butte.

Reference Mark No. 1 set in the top of the concrete street curb.

Reference Mark No. 2 set in the top of the concrete street curb.

The azimuth mark for the Butte magnetic station was found in the Butte stockyards area overturned.

The bronze disk of the destroyed Butte magnetic station azimuth mark.

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