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Jerry Penry
October 26, 2013

The magnetic station at Fremont, Nebraska, was established in the cemetery west of the city by H. E. McComb on September 18, 1909. The placement of the marker in the northern section of the cemetery at that time had not yet filled in with tombstones. The nearest graves to the magnetic station were the Haubensak monument located 57 feet to the southwest and the Springer monument located 143.6 feet to the southeast.

Herman Haubensak had died on June 25, 1908, while Frederick Springer had died on July 20, 1909, just two months prior to the establishment of the magnetic station.

Today the entire area is filled with tombstones and it took some searching to locate the two named monuments. The cemetery road to the south is also clearly existing. While using the distance from the centerline of the paved road and the distance from the northwest corner of the Haubensak tombstone, the magnetic station was found at the exact location approximately 0.5 below the grass.

The description of the magnetic station from a USC&GS publication.

Looking east over the hole where the magnetic station was found.
At the time of its placement, none of the tombstones in the photo existed.

The limestone block magnetic station uncovered for the first time in many years.

Looking southwest toward the Haubensak monument 57 feet away.

Looking southeast toward the Springer monument 143.6 feet away.

The Haubensak tombstone, one of two named in the 1909 description.

The Springer tombstone was one of the newest at the time the magnetic station was placed, but was 144 feet away.

Looking toward the magnetic station from the Springer monument.

Looking toward the magnetic station from the Haubensak monument.

The 1909 magnetic station cleaned and photographed before reburying.

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